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The city which is alive
We introduce to you an authentic and many times awarded city - Vodice


Vodice is a modern, european holiday resort which is located 10 km north-west from the historic city of Šibenik. Within the scope of a citizen initiative group called 1000 palms, people plant palms which serve as an adornment of one of the most beautiful coasts in Northern Dalmatia. Vodice has received the award called "The tourist flower" which goes to a place with especially attractive tourist offer.

Vodice belongs to very active holiday resorts. You can find a rich cultural program in the city such as discos, dance clubs, casinos, night beach clubs, a lot of cafes and restaurants. The city is proud to be called "Saint Tropez of Croatia". Vodice is characterized by well-maintained long beaches, shallow sea with gradually decreasing bottom, a lot of small islands, water springs and rich flora. A current program in the city can be found at Hacienda is the most famous club in Vodice where many cultural events take place - the capacity of the club is 2000 people (it is usually full around 1 - 2 o´clock)

The port Marina is in the center of Vidice where there are about 400 berths and it was awarded with "Blue flag" for services that harbours/marinas and beaches offer their users.

There are lots of cultural events to be offered. For example: the Art gallery, Aquarium and Maritime tradition museum. Concerts of classical music, traditional celebrations in Vodice and Vodice games take place in the church of St. Cross.


Vodice was first mentioned in the 15th century. Vodice was once a strong, fortified city which offered protection to its people against the Turks. Čorić tower - is one of the sights from this period.

Čorić tower or Čoricevtoranj built by the Fondra family in 1646. The living spaces and defense facilities were fortified by high defense walls since the tower was built during tumultuous times. The stone which it was built with was brought from Brač island. Today, the courtyard of Čorić tower is used as an open-air movie theater during summertime, however the tower is closed to visitors.

The Church of St. Cross or Crkva Sv. Križa is a gothic church built in 1421. It was consecrated to St. Cross and it also served as a parish church. The art exhibitions take place there during summer.

The Parish Church of St. Cross with a Bell Tower or Župnacrkva Sv. Križa so zvonikom, was built on foundations of an old baroque chapel. The church is a work of Sibenik baroque builder Ivan Skoko. The walls have decorated windows from this period and there is a beautiful baroque altar dedicated to St. Cross. The Bell Tower was built by Dubrovnik builder Vicko Macanovič. It took him 20 years to build. The Bell Tower has 2 loggias, there are 2 big windows in the bottom loggia and 3 smaller once in the top loggia.

The church of St. Ilije the Prophet or Crkva Sv. Ilije Proroka is a church built in 1298 by people of Pišča. In 1493, it was dedicated to St. Ilije the Prophet. There is a wall built around the church and it is supposed to have had a cemetery nearby. Today, the only one mass takes place in the church during a year on 20 August.

The beach and sport

So called Blue Beach is the most famous beach in Vodice which is located near the Hotel Olympia and the Hotel Imperial. It is 4 km long and it stretches up to Tribunj. It is equipped with a water toboggan and several sport grounds.

It is a 3 minute walk away from our houses. The sea is mostly shallow with grit gravel beach with gradually decreasing bottom.

Several water sports such as windusrfing, yachting, parasailing, scuba diving, water skiing, boat, scooter and pedalo rentals, but also beach volleyball, fitness and climbing frames offer an active sport life.

A bike trail offers a trip to Okit (hill), where you will be rewarded by a beautiful view of the country.

If you don´t want to walk to the city, you can take so called Vodiskaferata (small train) which leaves every hour.

Vodice is a wheelchair friendly city. There are wheelchair lifts in hotels, restaurants, shops and wheelchair ramps also provide accessibility to the sea.

The houses are a part of the Hotel Imperial camp, every guest can use the services and offers of the hotel.

The Hotel Imperial offers

tennis courts and volleyball court

kid´s playground with swingsets, kid´s miniclub

free wifi access in the hotel (cafe, main lobby)

hotel swimming pool for the young and adultswith sea water

hotel buffets

possible catering in the hotel restaurant - breakfast, lunch, dinner

physiotherapy center (massages, fitness, sauna)

Live music, hotel animators

In the area you can use

water toboggans and kid´s theme park

holiday train, which does sightseeing city tour

Regatta sailing school

Possible water scooter, pedalo, boat, rentals parasailing

discos are organized every day by a neighbouring beach

a market place, bike trails, wheelchair friendly city


bike rentals, boat mooring by the beach


Don´t forget to take out an insurance policy before your holiday (travel insurance at least). You can do it by yourself at

Weather forecast

The live Vodice weather with the forecast can be found here.

Individual catering

For those who want to take care of their own food, we recommend to try regional food, it isn´t true anymore that it is more convenient to buy food at home and bring it to Croatia. The prices are the same. Also, the opinion: "we don´t know croatian food so let´s go to Lidl instead" - doesn ´t stand a chance, just give it a try - the food is very good and it doesn´t contain so much additives and preservatives (they haven´t let many international brands in their market).

Breakfast: for example: while taking a walk you will find out that bakeries are on every corner. We recommend " Slanač" - can be found only in Croatia, a favourite pastry of all tourists (the sweet pastry with cheese on top).

Delicious croatian butter, cream spreads, yoghurt drinks or we also recommend fig or rosehip jam. Really delicious.

Lunch: mostly, you can find any kind of food at the beach, in buffets where frenchfries are served, baked baguettes, pancakes, hot dogs (coffee, beer, water), or not far (200 m to the city) where you can buy any meals desired.

You can cook your meals yourselves or try croatian traditional meals.

Dinner: we definitely recommend grilling or barbecue for dinner, it is an essential activity on holiday. Grilled pleskavica or Cevapi with ajvar and vegetables – recommended. You can find them in every store ready to be put on your grill. Ajvar is a croatian speciality which goes very well with any meat.

If you long for fresh fish, you can go to a local market and buy fish, fruit or vegetables there. We just suggest to put some salt and butter on the fish, wrap it up in the foil and put it on the grill in the evening – white wine is recommended, of course.

Catering in the hotel

If you want to check out the hotel food, for more information, please write to Breakfast - 7€ and Lunch / Dinner - 12€.

Another option is eating in restaurants, there are lots of them in the area, you can try lunch menu for only 35 KN / 5€. A fresh salad is included and a big main meal is always cooked fresh.

They said about usČo si o ubytovaní vo Vodicehome myslia naši hostia. Skutočné reakcie, skutoční hostia s ich pozitívami aj negatívami.

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